Post Distribution Monitoring

Post-distribution monitoring (PDM) is one M&E tool that is used by cluster partners to strengthen performance. By shining a light over the work of organizations working under the banner of the cluster, PDMs provide an opportunity to evaluate interventions in an impartial and independent way so organizations can be held accountable for their actions and lessons can be learned from their mistakes. 

Until now, however, no guideline on how to conduct PDMs in South Sudan has existed. This has meant, for example, that PDMs have produced recommendations that have been difficult to trust, with the result they have not turned learning into improved performance. PDM recommendations will only feed into improved performance if they can be trusted. This will only happen where transparent and consistent data collection methodologies are laid out in clear guidelines. The following guidelines therefore address this gap by explaining what is expected of both standard and mini PDMs. More information please see the PDM guideline.