Mobile Response Team

Cluster partner's mobile response staff conduct a needs assessment exercise in Jikmir

The Mobile Response Team (MRT) is designed to be able to provide quick, mobile and adaptable responses in two or more locations simultaneously, after an Inter-Agency Rapid Assessment (IRNA) is conducted. The specific activities of the MRT are as follows:

  • Assess emergency shelter (ES) and NFI needs of those displaced by conflict and/or natural disaster.
  • Facilitate/coordinate transport of pipeline items to field locations.
  • Register/verify beneficiaries where needed to ensure that vulnerable populations (female headed household, the elderly, disabled, etc.) will be prioritized for emergency shelter and NFI distribution.
  • Identify and distribute appropriate items, taking into consideration needs of men/women/boys/girls and protection aspects, based on assessments.
  • Liaise with the inter-cluster operational working group, RRC and ES/NFI cluster for constant information sharing on priority areas, needs and gaps.
  • Participate in coordination, assessment and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Conduct post-distribution monitoring exercises to measure the effectiveness and appropriateness (including gender appropriateness) of responses, and ensure accountability to beneficiaries.

Due to the nature of the mobile team's interventions, the cross cutting issues are addressed during the assessment and distribution stages of the interventions. During assessments, the MRT ensures that all marginalized and vulnerable groups are included in information-gathering processes, be it through focus groups meetings exclusively with women, or through the actual questions which are targeted to assess the needs of marginalized groups. During distributions, the MRT ensures that all groups are treated equally and, through work with protection actors, ensures that those with special needs are given special consideration. Additionally, women's needs are taken into account through the distribution of kangas, which can be used as clothes, swaddling clothes, or to provide privacy.