Concern Worldwide distributed NFI kits to 5,131 HHs in Bentiu Town Collective Center

Photo Credit - Concern Worldwide, 2015

The distribution was held in the State Legislative Assembly Grounds in Bentiu Town. It was carried out alongside General Food Distribution (GFD) in Bentiu Town which covers Bentiu and Rubkona Towns. It was a blanket distribution to all households registered in Bentiu Collective Centre.

The RRC was informed of the dates of the GFD the week before the event and the acting Minister of Physical Infrastructure was informed that an NFI distribution would be carried out a number of days before the distribution.

On the day of distribution, each household was issued a token for an NFI kit during registration for their food ration.  They were advised what to do with the token and where to collect the kits. In addition one of the Concern team messaged via megaphone within the compound regarding the NFI kit distribution.

The Concern team set up within the same compound as the GFD, lane system was set up with entry and exit. Crowd control was mainly carried out by GAA who are the food distributing agency. GAA controlled the crowd at the gate of the compound and only those with registration cards were allowed in at intervals. As parts of the walls of the compound are damaged, there are quite a number of entry and exit points. These were controlled by the presence of MONBATT which always provide assistance to GFD in Bentiu town.

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