Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) Shelter/NFI Cluster Co-Coordinator

The    Shelter/NFI Cluster is seeking a Co-Lead Agency to sponsor a Co-Coordinator who  will work together with the Lead Agency and the Cluster Coordinator to coordinate the Shelter and NFI Cluster, ensuring a coherent and effective emergency response by mobilizing groups of agencies, organizations and NGOs to respond in a strategic manner to humanitarian crises in South Sudan .

The commitment of the Co-Lead agency and the Co-Coordinator to the cluster  is an organizational commitment, rather than just an individual, ensuring the Cluster has the required profile in South Sudan to meet its commitments in-line with the attached terms of reference (ToR) . The Co-Coordinator will be accountable to the Shelter/NFI Cluster Coordinator (who is accountable to the Cluster Lead Agency (CLA) and consequently the Humanitarian Coordinator), Shelter/NFI Cluster partners and the affected population.

Selection: After submission of expression of interest, all records will be reviewed by the Cluster Coordination Team based on the following selection criteria:

  1. Partner agencies actively engaged in cluster activities, are well established in South Sudan, and have significant thematic expertise or have significant operational Shelter/NFI experience in South Sudan.
  2. Participated actively in 80% of the General Cluster meetings at the national level during 2019 and 2020
  3. Partners willing to champion specific activities due to their specific thematic knowledge, experience, and interest (Evaluation will consider the information provided in the submission)
  4. Demonstrate capacity to mobilize resources to fund this dedicated position. 


***Eligibility- Only INGOs or NNGOs may apply.

How: Please submit your expression of interest to copying by CoB 31st July 2020.

Name of Organization explaining thematic area of Strength in one paragraph:

Organizations technical expertise (Years, Area of expertise – Specifically in South Sudan ).


Scale and capacity of Agency Programs in South Sudan (Shelter/NFI)

(i.e. Geographical coverage, size of operation, capacity, access and demonstrate your ability to think strategically in a practical useful way linking this with your understanding of humanitarian Shelter/NFI issues)

Commitment to the Cluster Demonstrate your commitment in terms of time or resources (i.e. HR and support) to forums like the cluster leadership roles , TWG,SAG,  (i.e. other groups your organization has been part of, the role and outputs/outcomes achieved)  
Why your organization should be selected for the role of Shelter/NFI Cluster Co-Lead agency?  


Details Terms of Reference for NGO Shelter and NFI Cluster Co-Coordinator and Co-Lead Agency South Sudan can be downloaded here