2021 South Sudan Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) Nominated Agencies

SAG Membership for 2021

As defined in the SAG Terms of Reference, the SAG consists of ten members (cluster coordinator, cluster co-coordinator, cluster roving coordinator, 1 cluster lead agency, 1 from UNHCR as the representative from the Global Shelter Cluster, 2 NNGOs, 2 INGOs, and 1 Donor representative). During the last SAG meeting, the SAG agreed that electronic elections will be held considering the Covid-19. Each of the current HRP partners will receive a email invitation that will allow them to cast one vote and select the organisations that should be in the SAG in 2021. The email will be sent to those people working in that organization who actively engage with the S-NFI cluster in South Sudan. It is up to them to decide who will vote on behalf of their organization. Each organization can only vote once.

In order to inform the voting, the table below provides information on the organizations that expressed an interest or nominated by the cluster members to be SAG members in 2021:

1. International NGOs

Agency Previous SAG Membership Agency Contribution to the S-NFI Cluster in South Sudan


SAG 2020

Medair has 30 years of experience focusing on multi-sector high quality programming within South Sudan. Our SNFI team consists of Jacqueline Talevska, a Civil Engineer and Project Manager and Sarah Dunn, a registered Architect. Jacqueline joined the Medair Emergency Response Team (ERT) as the ES/NFI Project Manager mid-2020 and has quickly set about looking into the quality and effectiveness of the ERT’s ES/NFI programme whilst focusing on cross-cutting themes throughout the ERT, e.g. protection mainstreaming, information management, AAP, and implementing changes where appropriate. Jacqueline is experienced in programme management and has a master’s degree in Post Disaster Project Management. Sarah is Medair’s ES/NFI Manager and has almost 20 years’ experience as an architect, 10 of those being in East Africa. Medair are already an active member of the SNFI cluster technical working group and the Cash working group, among others. Medair representatives also attend the health, WASH, protection, and nutrition cluster meetings to ensure Medair is well-versed in cross cutting themes affecting all programmes within South Sudan. Medair is committed and motivated to continue to be a full and active member of the SAG not only to help with the strategic planning of the cluster but also using skills and experience of its SNFI team to capacity build and to share resources and best practices with partners.

Medair has been active in cluster coordination meetings at both national and sub-nation level, experience inhosting position of SFP for Central Equatoria state that contributes to active coordination roles, coordinates very wellwith cluster partners in project implementation and has experienced staff with wider knowledge of cluster needs across South Sudan. 

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)   Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has vast experience in the implementation of Shelter and NFIs related projects in SouthSudan. We have readily available well trained Emergency RapidResponse Team which can be deployed to any area with newshock/displacement on a short notice. The team is further equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment.Shelter/NFIs is one of NRC Core Competency globally led by aGlobal Advisor based in Oslo. NRC is a very active partner,regularly attending the Cluster meetings and actively participating in the shelter/NFis responses through out South Sudan. NRC is also in the process of recruitment of the Shelter and NFIs Cluster Co lead and soon will be available to workwith the cluster partners. Keeping in view that NRC possesshuge experience and knowledge in the Shelter and NFIs sector,shall be helpful to play its role in the Strategic Advisory Group.
Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) SAG 2017 - 2020 PAH has been three times as SAG member of ES/NFIs Cluster since 2017. PAH participation at SAG meetings has increased the experiences on understanding cluster methodologies thus this will increase PAH’s innovative ideas in cluster. PAH is also currently hosting the position of ES/NFIs Cluster State Focal Point (SFP) for Jonglei state that resulted to effective participation, coordination andengagement of Cluster static partners and other stakeholders at sub-national level. PAH team has deeper understanding ofthe humanitarian context across South Sudan since PAH is anactive member of mobile response partners implementing ES/NFIs interventions across the country through In-kind andCVA modalities. PAH has also been invited and participated atcluster technical working group; participated in drafting cluster response guidelines, SOPs, tools and facilitate trainings to thenewly partners. Lastly, PAH has technical capacity and experiences that will support the ES/NFI cluster in South Sudan especially experiences in CVA projects will strengthen cluster projects in the recovery phase.

2. National NGOs

Agency Previous SAG Membership Agency Contribution to the S-NFI Cluster in South Sudan
Africa Development Aid (ADA)  

ADA is currently working as S/NFI Cluster Co-SFP for Jonglei state supporting cluster project activities at sub-national level. They regularly attend S/NFI cluster meetings, and ADA has been considered as mobile partner due to her experiences across the country. ADA has highly experienced and qualified staff who always make technical guidance on the cluster strategy and develop operational tools for cluster partners. In collaboration with cluster partners, they participate in the review of response methodologies and tools

Humanitarian Development Consortium (HDC) SAG 2020 HDC is currently the member of the SAG elected in 2020. HDC has been working with the cluster for many years. HDC actively engage with the cluster both at national and sub-national level. HDC have strong presence in various locations including Central Equatoria, Jonglei, and Upper Nile State.
South Sudan Development Agency (SSUDA) SAG 2020 South Sudan Development Agency (SSUDA) is a National NGO established in South Sudan in 2006 and has been implementing multi-sectoral emergency and development projects in various parts of the country. SSUDA was among the first few NNGOs to become members of S-NFIs Cluster in 2011 and has actively involved in the Cluster’s planning and implementation of strategies and activities.  SSUDA (currently State Co-Focal point for Upper Nile) has over the years championed the inclusion of NNGOs in all decision making structures of the Cluster including SAG, Focal points and working groups. Through IOM supported "NNGO Capacity Strengthening" SSUDA has assisted a number of NNGOs to become members of S-NFIs. Given the opportunity and with long experience in the cluster, SSUDA will continue to effectively represent the interest of NNGOs in the S-NFI cluster by ensuring consistency, inclusivity, well-coordinated and risk-informed strategies to improve the provision of life-saving household items and shelter materials to conflict- and disaster-affected people in South Sudan.
Coalition for Humanity (CH)   Coalition for Humanity (CH)become part of the strengthen includes being State Co. Focal point for S/NFI in Unity State. The organization is also keen and active in cluster affairs and currently implements ESNFI project.
Support for Peace and Education Development Programme (SPEDP)  

SPEDP is the the active cluster member based in Yei County. Together with Medair, SPEDP is also acting as the co-state focal point for Central Equatoria State, assisting the national cluster coordination team to coordinate the responses in Central Equatoria State. SPEDP also managing the ES-NFI stock in their warehouse. SPEDP as has been strong national NGO in the cluster with deeper understanding of SoPs In-kind and CVA methodologies of ES/NFIs cluster. They actively participate in the interventions and holding a position Co-SFP for central Equatoria state.

Titi Foundation (TF) SAG 2019 Titi Foundation has been a part of the SAG and an active member of the nfi cluster representing the cluster as focal point for localization working group, gender focal point and sitting on the advisory board of the SSHF.