A story of a single mother, Nyaruaach - SSUDA

Photo credit - SSUDA/Dobuol Chan Khor

Nyaruaach once lived together with her family in Nasir town, Upper Nile State before the 2013 conflict broke out. She was a business woman earning exactly what other business people earn in their daily business in the market. Having lost her husband, she is left to care for four children; that is why she took up the job of cooking in the market to provide her children with something to eat.

“It was not easy living without your other half but I overcame it with hard work and provide my children with things they wanted just like other children,” Nyaruach said.

Life was good for Nyaruach’s family until fighting broke out in Nasir town in 2014. She was displaced together with her family to Jikmir where she settled. She managed to take two sleeping mats and a blanket but left everything else behind including household items and five cows she bought with her toil in the market.

Life in Jikmir was not easy for her as she settled down without her household items.

“It was not easy settling down with no shelter and household items”

She continued

“But when SSUDA came in and distributed ES/NFI items to us, I felt dignified”

South Sudan Development Agency (SSUDA) distributed Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items in Mandeng, Nasir County in April, 2017.

“I feel dignified, not because I received these items, but because someone out there stretched his arms to save humanity, this project helped me restore hope, restructure my life and appreciate humanity.”