Story from the Beneficiaries in Wau PoC

Rosa is 27 years old, and the head of household of a family of 10, living in Wau PoC. Six of the children living with her are her own, and two belong to her husband’s second wife, though she is caring for them. She fled the violence in her home village, mentioning that on the day she left, people were scattering and running from Wau town. Upon arrival to the PoC, Rosa’s shelter was set up adjacent to the latrines. She said there was no fresh air, and her family was having health issues due to living close to the latrines. Cooking outside wasn't possible because of the congestion and lack of space. Her previous shelter was very small and she had to jump over the bed to cook. Her children didn’t have a space to play or run around because additional space inside the shelter was used for cooking. "Living there was hard," she claimed, but she tolerated the situation and managed the best she could. Rosa and her family were one of the first households relocated to a new shelter in the extension of the Wau PoC. When asked about the new shelter, she said “We are so much happier here. I can cook outside and there is fresh air because we’re not right next to the latrines. My children even have space to play and run around. This shelter is much better for us.”