Yuai Distribution Report- 23rd April 2019 - PAH and HDC

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The distribution was conducted in Yuai payam of Uror county covering the four Bomas of Pamai, Patet, and Panyok and Yuai center where the two partners agreed to share the beneficiaries 50-50 in terms of the targeted figure reporting. The team on arrival held a pre-distribution meeting with the local authority and the ROSS leaders. The meeting was to explain to the community leaders and the ROSSon how distribution information can reach the targeted beneficiaries who are registered for the distribution, and what information should be passed especially the distribution points, dates and what items they will receive including the quantity of the items. The distribution team selected three sites(Yuai center, Pamai and Patet) for the distribution for items to be carried closer to the beneficiaries.

Hired community mobilizers (Community Focal Points - CFPs) were used to pass information to the Beneficiaries two days ahead prior to the distribution in all the Bomas where the targeted beneficiaries are. The information passed to them was where the distribution points will be, the items to they will received and the quantity of the items including the time for the distribution and the presences of complains and feedback desk which was established.

Distribution site was demarcated some meters away from the demonstration site where beneficiaries are made to gather through the help of the hired crowd controllers and CFPs under a shade to avoid overcrowding and to allow items to be displaced ready for the beneficiaries to receive. Three lines were created for the beneficiaries especially people with physical disabilities, pregnant mothers and older people in order for them to access the distribution without obstacles.

Four sites during the distribution were made, site for demonstration, complains and feedback site, verification and thumb printing site and the receiving site where items are displayed. Crowd controllers helped in directing beneficiaries to follow the created lines for the beneficiaries making order to be maintained during the distribution.

Household entitlement banner was used to communicate important messages to the beneficiaries before the distribution starts. Hired translators did this and the project team .This was to clearly explain to the beneficiaries the type of items they will receive and quantity of the items per household.

Demonstration of the proper usage and care of distributed items especially the mosquito nets. Demonstration banners were used in to explain through the local language. Team used megaphone for continuous communication during the distribution. Beneficiaries were also informed to ensure that they have all the items provided before leaving the distribution site.