Success Story of RRF project - LCED

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Lacha Community and Economic Development (LCED) a non-partisan, non-profit organisation has been on the fore-front providing South Sudanese with humanitarian assistance since its inception 2008. LCED aims at supporting vulnerable, conflict-affected population from South Sudan displaced both internally and to neighbouring countries. Embedded in its mission, LCED works to save and preserve life, promote dignity and enhance resilience of vulnerable people, in order to ensure peace and promote long-term socio-economic development.
Following conflict that broke out in Nagero between government and opposition forces between June and August of 2018 where ten thousands were displaced in the neighbouring counties like Tambura, Ezo, Namutina, LCED through Rapid Response Fund (RRF) received funding to provide emergency shelter assistance to 4,800 IDPs (800 hhs) who were then settled in Mabia Settlement Camp – Tambura County. However, with the onset of famine in Tambura County in mid-December, the target IDPs who had received very little or no food assistance then found life challenging. They were forced to trek back to their original land in Nagero amidst security concerns. Back home, the IDPs (now returnees) were welcomed to massive destruction of their houses, garden and hence found themselves living under trees, open space or sharing the small available room with relatives or friends.
At this time, Shelter was one of the most priority need and therefore LCED in consultation with the donor (RRF) and local authorities planned to move the project from Mabia to Nagero where the need was assessed and felt. 800 homeless and vulnerable returnee households were identified, registered and supported with emergency shelter assistance while 200 most vulnerable (female/elderly, child, people with disabilities and sickly headed households) individuals out of the total target were earmarked and with the help of LCED hired expert and supported by the community members, a temporary but dignified shelter constructed!