SNFIs Pamai Payam Needs Anslysis Report Uror County


The location is currently in a season where the nights are very cold.  Most of them have nothing completely to cover themselves with.

As a result of the floods, the stagnant waters provide conducive environment for the mosquito breeding, leading to restless nights due to the mosquito bites and resultant malaria fever.

Most of the shelters have no roof and sides submerged into the floods, leading to the beneficiaries being posed to harsh weather conditions of direct hot sun  heat and serious coldness during the nights

Most of the targeted beneficiaries left their basic belongings including, the cooking sets, hence have few or no cooking sets, some are cooking using empty bullet boxes!    

The young adolescent girls and women are moving almost naked and this possess risk of sexual abuse related cases being on the rampant


(b)          There is completely no health facility in the area.

(c)           The floods destroyed crops hence no crop harvests.  There is fear of starvation.

No functional Market in Pamai Center nearest being in Yuai a distance of up to 6- 7hrs walk from Pamai Center