SNFI Assessment-Verification Report Wuluturu 052019


Besides population counts, the survey conducted yielded these results:

  1. Households surveyed reporting vulnerability:
  • 38% fall under the female/child headed vulnerability criteria
  • 20% fall under the widow headed criteria
  • 30% fall under HH w/ Malnourished <5 or pregnant and/or lactating mother
  • 34% fall under Single Parent/Caregiver household
  • 23% fall under Old Person HH
  • 33% are families with person of special needs or chronic illnesses
  • 21% are families with separated/unaccompanied children

Most household meet at least 2 vulnerability criteria.

  1. Only 7% (7/100) of the surveyed community reportedly received any kind NFI intervention/assistance in the last 2 years.
  2. 98% to 99% of the household surveyed indicated a need for rehabilitation of their shelters ranging from minor rehabilitation to in need of total re-construction.
  3. 95% of the surveyed household reported “No Source” of income, leading to 87% of the household not being able to support the basic NFI requirements. NFI’s reportedly procured by just 12% of the respondents includes cups, plates, soap in very small quantities.
  4. Top priorities for NFI are kitchen sets, plastic sheets and blankets. 17 households surveyed have prioritized Kanga’s