Shelters rehabilitation_Assessment Report - IOM

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Since the conflict erupted in Wau on 26th of June 2016. Thousands of people seeks refugee in the PoC and the collective centres (Cathedral, Lokoloko, Nazareth and Sants Joseph). A number of humanitarian agencies started providing a lifesaving assistance. IOM Shelter NFI team conducted a number of NFI distribution and constructed some communal shelters in the PoC and the other collective centres to support people’s capacity to cope with the displacement situation.

IDPs fled in a large number with many vulnerable people (Children, elderly people, pregnant women, lactating women….etc) to seek protection and with an intention to stay in the PoC and the collective centres until the security situation improve. Due to land issue and the challenges to accommodate the big number of IDPs population in the PoC and the collective centres, IOM shelter/NFI team agreed with the main stakeholders in the PoC (Community leaders and camp management) and the collective centres (Church authority) to construct communal shelters (15*5 shelters have the capacity to host more than 8 households per shelter). This decision was the best solution to accommodate a big number of people using the available space. The communal shelters construction started in the PoC. the team constructed 69 communal shelters with a capacity to host 897 HH. The shelters were congested.  owever, it was the best solution due to the space availability. In the collective centres, IOM shelter NFI team in coordination and effective partnership with NRC constructed 22 communal shelters in the cathedral with a capacity to host 176 HH and 4 communal shelters in Loko Loko hosting 32 HH.