Reviewed Joint Shelter and Non Food Items Assessment Report Cueibet County approved by SFP

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According to the locals and RRC, the IDPs of Malou Pec centre was displaced in the month of July 2019 from Tiit, Achequel and Majak (North Malou Pec). The number is estimated at 443 HH with a total of 3,804 Individuals. The IDPs are integrated among host communities numbering 211 HH (1,266 Individuals

On the other hand, IDPs residing at Langdit are displaced from Mangar and Pawieny as a result of frequent intercommunity conflict which has been characterised by revenge killing and cattle raiding featuring communities of Tonj and Warrap. The fighting not only caused displacements but also resulted in burning of properties, looting of household items and livestock.

The IDPs based in Langdit and Malou Pec have pressing and varying needs. For example, an interview with the Clinical Officer Manning Malou Pec Health Facility noted increased cases on Malaria. According to the health officer, more than 50% of the daily patient who reports at the facility is tested positive with malaria meaning that they are sleeping without mosquito nets. Majority of malaria cases are reported among children aged 2months-6yrs, pregnant and lactating mothers and elderly persons. A visit to households revealed absence of cooking items or IDPs using old and broken cooking utensils. As a result, IDPs reported sharing cooking items with their neighbours resulting in delayed meals preparation.