NFIs Distribution Report In Baliet town_22nd Feb_2019

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Summary of Distribution

The strategic area for NFIs distribution was the compound of Commissioner of Baliet County with iron sheet fence for security purpose and proper control of the distribution. The organization was done in consultation with Acting Commissioner and we planned in a systematic way that 10 beneficiaries be called and brought to the Desk for thumb print and coupon is issued. After this stage he/she goes on queue then the distributor takes the coupon to know the family size and is given the NFIs accordingly in his/her presence as verification.

Prior to distribution day, HDC and UNHCR prepositioned the NFIs in Baliet on the same day the first distribution was done in Anadiar Payam, the Acting Commissioner was tasked with responsibility to take care of the NFIs. On that day HDC passed the information to the Acting Commissioner and Chief to mobilize the NFIs beneficiaries to come to compound of Commissioner in the following day. The items they were informed of to receive were; mosquito nets, soap, Kitchen set, Jerry cans, Buckets, sleeping mat, Plastic sheets and Blankets, depending on the family sizes.

The accessibility by girls, boys, men and female was equal because the information of NFIs distribution reached everybody and when the time for distribution reached everyone was allowed to enter the Commissioner’s Compound so long as they were earlier registered as PSNs. Likewise, during distribution all were given access to receive their NFIs without any restriction.

With regards to order, the first step was setting a Complaints Desk for any queries that were raised, there were cases of not being registered for NFIs, but our team closed the cases by informing them that we shall come back soon to register new PSNs and the chief was responsible for maintaining order during distribution. A total of 233 PSN households translating to 1236 individual received the assistance