NFI and Emergency Shelter Report- Jonglei State,Pibor, Verteth,Ngapul, 17 June 2019 - HDC, INTERSOS


There was an assessment conducted by CIDO, HDC and other partners in Pibor areas of vertheth, Gumurk and Pibor Centre following the displacement of IDPs from different area coupled with cattle raiding related displacement. Given the magnitude of the issue, The assessment report approval by the NFI CLUSTER which led to verification and eventually distributions of S/NFIs materials to the most vulnerable IDPs and the host engulfed the situation will follow once verification report is approved as well.. 
The conflict affected IDPs households were verified and registered in Verteth Payam Pibor County in May 2019 when the team was visited the locations where the IDPs have been settled and were able to confirm the presence of IDPs in Verteth. The IDPs were coming from various locations within Jonglei State according the information obtained during focused group discussions supplemented by household interviews. The affected populations indicated to have been displaced from the following locations; Akobo, Uror, Jebel Boma, Kassangor and Pibor.
The security situation of Verteth Payam is calm at the moment; the IDPs stated that they are willing to stay in Verteth because they have not experienced conflict with the host communities since they arrived.
The IDPs are in particular settled in Ngapul area within the host communities whom they depend on for support through sharing. A few of them have erected temporary shelters out of local natural resources but are not adequate enough to protect them from the rains. Reason is that the grass is not yet ripe to do proper thatching.
With the help of the RRC Office, casual enumerators, Local authority and the Church Leaders, we were able to conduct the verification and registration effectively.