NFI and Emergency Shelter Distribution Report-Upper Nile State, Nasir County, 13-21 June 2019 - TADO


The items were distributed in three main centres with Mandeng being the central centre. Since the main mode of transport in the area is by river, it was suggested that the near Bomas collect their items in Mandeng and for far locations a boat to be hired to transport the items there. This agreement was made after consultations with local authorities (ROSS) and other partners on the ground i.e. Nile Hope, SSUDA, ADA and CHADO. 
The communities that were to collect their items in Mandeng were informed 2 days prior to the distribution while for the furthest the locations information was sent ahead of time courtesy of the local authorities, TADO Mobilizer and hired mobilizers. The local authorities included Payam/Boma leaders, chiefs, women and youth leaders. Pre-distribution meetings were held between the local authority, community leaders, and women and youth leaders in order to pre plan the distribution process. The agenda of the meetings included informing them of the items each beneficiary is going to receive and that the items are uniform in number and type. The local authorities and hired mobilizers were also informed to pass the information that at least it should only be the token holders to avail themselves at the distribution site during the distribution dates stipulated. The team which included the local authorities made sure that proper preparations were made before the distribution date. This included hiring of casual labourers to be off loaders, crowd controllers, security guards and enumerators. The team also agreed to make available drinking water at the site for the beneficiaries.