Medair and HDC Analysis Report_ESNFI_Lekuangole

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All items have either been burnt or looted within the locations, most of them do not have anything in which to cook food. 46% are cooking with clay pots. 20% have nothing to cook with.

  • Plastic sheets: The hosts/IDPs were camping under tree canopies and in small shacks whilst hiding in the bush. They have returned to their villages and found that most of the tukuls have been burnt or destroyed.
  • 51% are living in temporary shelters and 22% have no shelter at all.
  • Mosquito nets: The population are sheltering along the bushes by the river where there is a definite presence of mosquitoes and other insects. PLW, elders, and children are the majority of the population and they are more vulnerable to malaria. 58% of them use smoke to repel the mosquitoes and 26% are using nothing.
  • Blankets: The IDPs are exposed to the cold at night whilst sleeping outside. 57% are using animal skin to cover themselves.