Mayom Need Analysis report - NRC


The flooding hit almost all parts of greater Mayom which is now divided into four counties of Bul West, East, South and Bul North. The assessment was done in two counties of Bul West and Bul South. According to the local authority, flood had hit most parts of Bul West and the villages affected are ToohLoka boma, Nyebitek, Zorkan payam, Nordan, Gol, Lare, Tongtuol, Koachkoack to mention but a few. The affected people some have moved away to unknown villages towards Bul North around Taam.

While in Bul South, the affected villages are Wugul, Jiekjal, Banyieh, Maane, Dooth, Manir and Yoalbox among others, the affected population here move randomly to occupy drier areas in the same villages. Displaced population living in Riak main roads. NRC team had interviewed some of the flood effected people, living on the main road for more than four days.

Most of the villages were affected by the flood and people were displaced, some of them went to Riak local town, others are living on the main road since they had no option. Most of the people interviewed by the team were from the following villages Lou, Nyekuawna, Liengiera, Baang, Nyepiew Watwatna, Yoalbor Koak and Yierkonga.