Kuemdouk SNFI distribution report_DRC


Summary of Distribution

The loose NFI/shelter items were distributed on the dates of 9th,10th and 11th of February 2019 by the DRC mobile response team comprising of S/NFI and Protection officers. The distribution was conducted at the Payam headquarter in Kuemdouk Payam administration, with the support of the Payam administrators, ROSS, community chiefs and hired casual workers, who, together with DRC team participated, fully in organizing the distribution site.

A day before the distribution, DRC team hired mobilizers to move to different locations (villages) within Kuemdouk payam were the communities are based in order to inform them on the distribution dates, when, where and what will be distributed, and the distribution criteria.

At the distribution site, the DRC mobile response team organised the beneficiaries in different ques of four with one exit for those who have received to leave the distribution centre in order to avoid unnecessary crowding of the distribution site. Of the 4 lines, one was for the elderly, one for pregnant and lactating women, one for children above 18 years and one for the sick. The most elderly were given a space under the shade to sit while waiting to receive there NFI items, and were served ahead of other beneficiaries.

Community chiefs and hired crowd controllers participated fully in controlling the beneficiaries to stop unnecessary movement, maintain cooperation and to always be in the que to facilitate the smooth process of the distribution.