Cluster National Meeting Minutes - 9 June 2019

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  1. Protection Advocacy Paper for 180 Day Report; the Protection Cluster has drafted a Solutions Protection Advocacy Messages for the 180 Day Report that highlights the following: -
    1. Humanitarian assistance must be prioritized based on needs:
    2. Solutions must be driven by IDPs:
    3. Assisted movement must be safe, dignified, informed and voluntary:
    4.  Those assisting returns are accountable:
    5. Displaced populations must not be forgotten:
    6. Post-return monitoring:
    7.  HLP issues:
    8.  Engagement with development actors:
  1. Analysis of the Public Health Consequences on the strikes and closure of Health facilities on the harmonized Incentives. An Update on the ongoing strike by health workers was shared and a summary on discussions with MoH will be shared by the cluster.
  2. Administrative Boundaries. Partners reminded to be mindful when reporting on humanitarian activities and state boundaries; the UN still officially recognizes 10 states so while reporting , Partners should bear in mind the sensitivities around this matter ; at the same time Partners should be mindful about recognizing government officials and the offices they hold  while in the field.
  3. HCT meeting to discuss guidelines (redlines on returns) outcome will be communicated through the ICWG.
  4. Community Communication and Engagement Working Group_ Call for Participation of Shelter and NFI Cluster