20190625|Tonga NFIs distribution report|June 2019

  • Where was the distribution held and how was it organised?
  • What and how were beneficiaries informed?
  • How was equal access ensured for men, women, girls and boys?
  • How was order maintained during the distribution?

Location of distribution
The distribution was held at the Local Administration Office (compound) in Tonga town,Panyikang County.
The exercise was carried out in consultation with RRC and Executive Director.NFIs were transported to the distribution site (Local Administration compound) and set ready on ground prior to distribution.
Five (5) beneficiaries were called each time and brought to the desk to thumb print on the distribution list. Each beneficiary presented a token so as to be served. After receiving NFIs (Non-food items) each beneficiary handed over his/her token back to DRC. Calling 5 beneficiries at a time helped to ensure better security and crowd control on distribution site. Hired casuals ensured crowd control by maintaining order during distribution.
During mobilization, beneficiaries were informed that only those who were registered and got DRC tokens were to come receive NFIs at the Local Administration compound from 8:00am to 5:00pm on the distribution days. Before the distribution, community gatherings were addressed and emphasis placed on the fact that only registered persons who issued tokens were to receive NFIs that included ( blancket, mosquito net, sleeping mat and kitchen set for Ayiyathaj and Papouch villages only. Mosquito nets,sleeping mats and kitchen set for Tonga town).
Mega phones were used on the day before and on distribution days (in the morning and afternoon).
NFIs for the elderly and disabled who could not make it to the distribution site were received and taken to them by their care takers/ relatives. The care takers thumb printed and received on their behalf.
Equal Access
Through mobilization, men, women, girls and boys were encouraged to come for the distribution.The accessibility was also equal for all through the registration of all categories who returned and they were not restricted from coming to the distribution center as long as they were registered before.

Mainatinaing order 

Order was maintained by DRC team with the help of the Local authorities and volunteers. Beneficiaries sat 3 meters away from the distribution point to maintain order and avoid crowdness. However, people who had complains were reffered to complain desk where their complains were attended too. People who had complains for not being registered were asked to come back for registration after the distribution.