Summary of Distribution

  • Where was the distribution held and how was it organised?What and how were beneficiaries informed?
  • How was equal access ensured for men, women, girls and boys?
  • How was order maintained during the distribution?
  • A schedule of activities was disseminated to the community ahead of the distributions of vouchers for the communities.
  • The schedule was shared with the commissioner, Ag. Secretariat, Paramount Chief and Chiefs of the different payams indicating days and sites of the voucher distribution along with information on who and what should be made available at the distribution.
  • Voucher distributions started on 18th of June for Jombu and Yari and then 19 of June for Longamere and Payawa. At this voucher distribution sites and dates, the item distribution schedule was also shared with the community.
  • Item distribution was done one (1) day per payam starting with Jombu on the 20th of June; 21st of June for Yari; 24th of June for Longamere and lastly 25th of June for Payawa.
  • These schedules were met.
  • There was equal access to both men, women, psn’s, children at the distribution sites. People with Special needs were accommodated separately from the others.
  • The community leads maintained order with assistance from Concern Staffs on the ground, Ag. Secretariat, etc.
  • There was no untoward incident reported, with the distributions going on smoothly at each distribution site during the various days of the activity implementation.