20190624|Distribution Report|R-1061, R-1047, R-1062 and R-1044

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Summary of Distribution 

  • Where was the distribution held and how was it organised? 
  • hat and how were beneficiaries informed? 
  • How was equal access ensured for men, women, girls and boys?
  • How was order maintained during the distribution?

The distributions were conducted in POC3 and 1 at different times at the distribution sites. Staring with vouchers distribution prior to the actual distributions of the plastic sheets. Concern team went to the community to distribute the vouchers per blocks and Zones. Concern recruited casual workers who helped in controlling the crowds and carrying the plastic sheets and sand bags. Volunteers from national NGOs were involved in the registration, identification of beneficiaries, Community leaders were engaged to organise their communities to que up according to blocks and zones. Eight tables for registration were set up to reduce the time spend on queuing and to ensure crowd control. 

Targeted households received their shelter materials. Messaging was done through ACTED information desk and concern also recruited a person doing messaging from voucher distribution up to the distribution. The distribution was organised per zones starting with Zone A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J for POC3 and Blocks A to S for Poc1. After distribution concern did a stock count of the plastic sheets and sand bags. It was found one piece of plastic sheet was missing at the point of distribution.