20190619|LCED_Distribution Report|Mundri June 2019


Summary of Distribution

  • Where was the distribution held and how was it organised?
  • What and how were beneficiaries informed?
  • How was equal access ensured for men, women, girls and boys?
  • How was order maintained during the distribution?
  • How was APP mainstreaming activities implemented during the distribution (please refer to the distribution checklist)

The distribution took place in Bishop Gunny Church compounds based on space availability, security and safety, shade, availability of hygiene facilities, water points and proximity for the most vulnerable individuals including the elderly, persons with disabilities, sick and or even lactating/pregnant women.
Beneficiaries were informed through multiple channels including; use of Relief Distribution Committees (RDCs), enumerators, boma chiefs and announcement in the public gathering on the date, time, locations and items to expect 5 days before the distribution.
During the distribution, beneficiaries were organized in queues that consisted of both men and women, boys and girls and their names were called one by one, confirmed by the enumerators using the registration lists and the RDCs to ensure they were the right beneficiaries for the assistance. Priority though was given to the most vulnerable beneficiaries (the elderly, persons with disabilities, pregnant mothers and those looked weak) who had their own separate line and was always served first. Some of them were even helped by the RDCs and LCED staff members to receive their items including guiding them out of the distribution sites.
Relief Distribution Committees played a critical role by controlling unnecessary movement of beneficiaries, ensuring they are organized in queues as well as handling the complaints and feedback desk at the distribution sites. All project staff members were briefed prior on how to deal with reports of protection and sexual assaults exploitation, corruption, and other sensitive issues using the approved referral pathways.