20190603|Panyikang NFIs distribution report(Nyilwak&Nyilwal|une 2019


Summary of Distribution

  • Where was the distribution held and how was it organised?
  • What and how were beneficiaries informed?
  • How was equal access ensured for men, women, girls and boys?
  • How was order maintained during the distribution?

The distribution took place at the Chief’s compound in Nyilwal payam and at the Hospital in Nyilwak payam, Panyikang county.The organisation was done in consultation with the chief and was planned in a way that 5 beneficiaries will be called and brought to the desk to thumb print, receive the NFI (Non-food items) items and we collected back our token.
The information about the distribution was passed to the payam chief that same day of distribution to mobilise only the beneficiaries who got tokens to come and receive the NFIs. Before the distribution, we briefed the gathered community and emphasised that only those who were registered and issued tokens are to receive the NFIs that included ( blancket, mosquito net, sleeping mat and kitchen set).
Through mobilization, men, women, girls and boys were encouraged to come for the distribution.The accessibility was also equal for all through the registration of all categories who returned and they were not restricted from coming to the distribution center as long as they were registered before.
Order was maintained by DRC team with the help of the chiefs. However, people who had complains were reffered to complain desk where their complains were attended too. People who had complains for not being registered were asked to come back for registration after the distribution.